Raised on Fear

A Spellbinding True Story


“I grew up in a world of violence and unpredictability. I learned to take care of myself because no one else would. I learned to lie, to conceal and to cover my fear with anger and violence.”

Lee Cox is coauthor of this riveting expose, a true story of his life of abuse and the steps he took to overcome his patterns of violence. Lee now spends his time pursuing his mission to End Violence Everywhere.

Marge Hulburt, coauthor and friend, brought Lee’s story to life. She is an author and consultant who helps others clarify and express their passion in life.

Read the first chapter free:  http://www.evefoundation.org/book/raisedonfearchapter1/

Read what others have to say about this book:  http://www.evefoundation.org/book/reviews/


  • Printed Book: 228 Pages $12.95 (shipped ground mail)
  • Download: ebook $9.95 (.pdf file available instantly after purchase)
  • Audio: 6 CD’s 7 hours $19.95 (shipped ground mail)
  • Download: $12.00 (available soon)


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