“I was so worried that my daughter would go back to him. This was the third time she had left him. I knew she would give in to him and go back. I read your book and immediately ordered a copy for her. A few days later I got the call and she said,  “Mom, I am not going back, ever.” I cried all afternoon, my daughter and grandchildren are finally safe. Thank you.” BETTY ANN


“Great book! I couldn’t put it down til I finished it.”


“Reading your book brought a lof of memories that had been long since buried. It was refreshing to read a book full of truth and not hidding important events. You have given me strength to want to help teens so there are no more grieving parents. You have helped me more than you can imagine.”   B. Amaya


“I read your book, very disturbing. I see my future if I don’t get some help.”  DANIEL -16


“I read your book. I recognize that we have a lot in common. What I now notice is how many ways I am exactly like you. It feels good to know I am not alone and that I don’t have to continue being this way.” HENRY – 28


“I grew up in your house. I ordered a copy for my mom. After reading it she called and shared that she finally understands what it must have been like for me to grow up in our home. We are getting together this summer, I haven’t seen her in five years. She is actually interested in me and my life. Now, that is a miracle.”  MATT – 24


“I just order four copies, one for each of my children. Maybe we can finally talk about what happened while they were growing up.”   ALICE


“A riveting look inside domestic violence from the perspective of a man. Powerful, revealing and affirming. A must read for anyone involved in abusive relationships, especially women.”


“An amazing and powerful story! I hope my children read this.”


“Absolutely brilliant! I got a profound level of freedom to own my own monsters.”


“WOW!!! Captivating reading! Not easy to put down. It is really a great book!”


“This book will prove invaluable in teaching high-risk parents. Hopefully, it will give them insight into their child’s needs and fears.”

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