A simple act of kindness can offer a sliver of hope to a grieving parent.  It's important for them to have something special to bury their baby in during this dark time. 

We are reaching out to Hospitals, Funeral Homes & Birthing Centers who would like to add to or start a Bereavement Program.

Miracle L.

Such an amazing organization. I can't wait to donate my wedding dress to have more gowns made. They helped me so much after my baby's loss. Thank you for being so wonderful in a time of such horror.

Rhonda S.

Thank you for the beautiful gown and memory box that you sent last week for my daughter & her husband's 5 month old Emma Grace. Your services and dedication to parents who are having the darkest day of their life is so greatly appreciated. Our appreciation for the compassion and love that you and your volunteers put into helping our grieving family say goodbye to this young and beautiful baby girl can never be adequately expressed with words. The words thank you seem so small compared to the gratefulness I saw in my daughter's & her husband's face when they saw her in her final resting gown. God bless everyone associated with your foundation and all others like it!!!

Susie T.

It's been almost a year this Monday, May 29, that little Timothy Carson Heyne was born. He graced us with 4 days on earth. The Emma and Evan Foundation donated the most perfect light blue, silky angel gown for him. In return, there has been 5 gowns donated from our family and friends back. Thank you for letting us do that in his memory.

Please contact us for more information