Family Legacy

The Emma & Evan Foundation has supported many families during tragic times, grieving the loss of a child.  We have our angel gowns and memory boxes all across the US along with many dedicated volunteer seamstresses.  Some families need more than a gown sewn from the heart or a caring memory box.  Some need financial assistance to help with the burial and other arrangements that need to be made.  Some also need on-going grief counseling to heal from a dark period in their life.  We would like to help meet these needs and to do so, we need to find new ways of raising support. 

This has led us to embark on a new path and create the Family Legacy program.  Once in awhile, we come across a wedding dress donor who would like to honor the memory of a little one who has passed too soon or a parent who has finished a life full of memories.

Here's how it works

What You Provide

*   Donated wedding dress

*   Pictures of the bride in the dress on wedding day

*   Stories you would like to share about the bride

     or angel baby being honored

*   Contribution of $1,000 to create the Family Legacy

Click to see a sample Family Legacy webpage.

What You Receive

*   Angel Gowns are sent back to you to bless your family, friends &       Community according to your wishes.

*   Gowns are made by our most experienced seamstresses with a           guaranteed turn-around time of 8 weeks from the time we receive       the wedding dress.

*   Bracelets and charms made from the donated wedding dress.           Every piece of material will try to be used.

*   Your own Family Legacy webpage you can share with                     friends and family.  It will show before and after pictures of the           wedding dress and a few stories about the person you wish to           dedicate the legacy to.


We receive a lot of requests for the Angel Gowns to be shipped backed to the dress donor.  With over 500 wedding dresses in inventory waiting to be sewn into Angel Gowns, we have a back log of 18 months given the limited number of qualified volunteer seamstresses.  Most of these seamstresses have other 'paying' jobs and are only able to work on the angel gowns in their spare time.  Your contribution will allow us to pay some hand picked seamstresses for their years of experience to work on your Angel Gowns.  A wedding dress on the average will produce 10 Angel Gowns and each gown takes approximately 4 hours to create. 

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