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Losing a baby is more than just the loss of a a tiny soul.  It's the loss of an entire lifetime of band recitals and baseball games; a lifetime of hopes, dreams and memories.


It is our goal that every mom and dad who suffer the loss of their baby should leave a hospital or birthing center with a memory box.  A box filled with love and compassion to let them know that their pain is shared by others.

To accomplish this goal, we need financial support to purchase the items that make up this heart-felt gift.

Montana Memory Box 4-9-21.jpg

Every memory box includes:


*Book, "I'll Hold You in Heaven"

*Small Picture Frame

*Christmas Ornament

*Packet of Forget-Me-Not Seeds 

*Hand Made Quilt or Afghan

*Angel Gown or pouch in the appropriate size and gender.


We have budgeted the bare minimum cost of the box and items down to $15, not including shipping.  Shipping is ~$15.00

This is where you can help.  We are looking for support from others, wishing to comfort grieving families and willing to commit to a one-time or monthly contribution of $15.  Showing love to one family each month during a dark time in their lives.

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