Memory Box or Shipping Sponsorship

Memory Box or Shipping Sponsorship

Help us support and comfort a grieving family with a memory box.


We create individual memory boxes on a case by case basis, specifically for each family that has lost a baby. We provide grieving families with memory boxes completely free of charge.


Materials and contents per memory box cost an approximate $15

Shipping of a memory box costs approximately $15


Each Memory Box Includes:

  • Angel Gown or Pouch (in the appropriate size and gender)
  • Handmade Birthstone Bracelet or Angel Charm
  • Journal
  • Copy of I’ll Hold You in Heaven
  • Small Picture Frame
  • Christmas Ornament
  • Packet of Forget-Me-Not Seeds
  • Handmade Quilt or Afghan


In addition to memory box or shipping sponsorships, you can help us support grieving families with monthly or one-time donations to the Emma & Evan Foundation.


*NOTE:  this is for a sponsorship only.  A memory box will not be shipped to you as a result of this sponsorship.