Dress Donation Info
Items we will accept:

Wedding Dresses of any size, age, color

  Not all dresses can be used for our purposes. 

Discolored/stained, dry rot, mold or mildew, strong odors from pets, mothballs, or smoke,

or if fabric is stretchy or jersey, we likely will not be able to use the dress.   In some cases, we can use lace and embellishments. 

We reserve the right to dispose of or re-donated fabric we are unable to use.

*Prom, bridesmaid, mother of the bride/groom, evening, and flower girl dresses of any color size, or age. 

*Tuxedos, men’s wedding suits

*Christening/Baptismal gowns

*Materials such as fabric, lace, thread, buttons, etc.

*Gift cards to JoAnn Fabrics, Walmart, Michaels, Amazon

*Dual Purpose white or ivory sewing machine thread

*2-gallon Ziploc freezer bags (to store dresses safely)

*Used or new sewing scissors, snips, and other sewing tools

*Buttons in any size, shape, and color

*Clear glass/plastic ball ornaments – for Memory Boxes

*“I’ll hold you in Heaven” books – for Memory Boxes

*White marabou boas – for Memory Boxes

*1” & 1 ½” heavy-duty safety pins

*Financial support


Items we do not accept:

1.       Fabric that is discolored/stained, dry rot, mildew, strong odors, stretchy, jersey fabric

2.       Petticoats

3.       Bridal accessories including shoes

The donation process and what to expect

-Send an email to emmaandevangowns@gmail.com to request your donation release form and receipt.

-Print your donation release form and receipt.


- Complete and cut the lower portion to include with your donated dress.  Keep the top portion for your records.

-Pack your dress to mail to The Emma and Evan Foundation

     a.  Do not pack with tissues, packing peanuts or additional packing materials

     b.  Remove the tulle from the underside of your donated dress

     c.  Remove dress from the preservation box and pack in a smaller box

     d.  Place any financial donations and the bottom portion of the donation release form in your box

-Mail Your Package

     a.  Flat rate shipping via the USPS is generally least expensive

     b.  States neighboring Montana will save money by shipping by weight

     c.  If you live in Missoula, you are welcome to drop your donation off on our porch.

     d.  Do not send ‘signature required’

     e.  Save your USPS shipping receipt until you hear from us

     f.   Check into our $15 UPS shipping option – GiveBackBox

        i.  Click Here to Access GiveBackBox’s Website

        ii. Click ‘add to cart’

        iii. Submit Payment

        iv. Once payment is complete, you’ll receive an email containing a link to print your label

        v. Print label and affix to your package

        vi. Drop your package at any UPS store

        vii. **NOTE** All GiveBackBox packages use the same tracking number and cannot be tracked individually.  

 If you plan to order a keepsake, please know there is a risk your dress/package may be lost and cannot be tracked.  In 12 months, two dresses have been lost.


**Our mailing address is located on our donation release form.


-Once we receive your package, we will reach out via email to acknowledge receipt of your donated dress and offer you a keepsake item (if you did not previously order one). 

-10 days after receipt of your donated dress (unless you placed a keepsake order) your donation will be sent to storage until a volunteer seamstress is ready for it and your donation will no longer be available for a keepsake item. 

-Once the little gowns from your donation are finished, we will attempt to send you photos.  However, we cannot guarantee that as our volunteer team is rather small and sew angel gowns in their spare time.


Additional Information:

1.       We are an IRS recognized 501c3 Organization.  Therefore, your donation may be tax-deductible. Your tax receipt is the top portion of the attached “Donation Release Form and Receipt” document. 

2.       Our bylaws prohibit us from returning completed angel gowns to donors. Upon request, we will gladly send them to an in-need facility of your choice. You will need to ask the facility if they will accept them and provide the Emma & Evan Foundation with a contact name, facility name, and mailing address.  Donor is responsible for postage costs to their chosen facility.

3.       Your donated dress does NOT need to be dry cleaned before donating it to us.  If your dress is soiled, please consider sending a financial donation to assist us with cleaning costs.  $20-$30 is sufficient.  Checks can be made payable to The Emma and Evan Foundation.

4.       There are many, many angel gown organizations throughout the U.S.  We are all independent of each other, are not affiliated with each other, and do not have 'chapters'.  To donate locally, please conduct a Google search, “Angel Gown Organizations near me”.

Memory Boxes

Our memory boxes are created on a case-by-case basis, specifically for the family which has lost their baby.

Our memory boxes contain


--Book, "I'll Hold You in Heaven."

--Small picture frame

--Christmas ornament

--Packet of forget-me-not seeds

--Handmade quilt or afghan

--Angel gown or pouch in the appropriate size and gender

--Handmade birthstone bracelet or angel charm

-Our memory boxes are made possible and financially funded by generous sponsorships.

--You can sponsor a memory box either monthly or with a one-time gift of $15.  Click HERE to submit your memory box sponsorship.

Serve Grieving Families is YOUR own community

1.       You can have angel gowns sent to your local hospital, birthing center(s), and funeral home(s) by clicking HERE, then on 'get document' and forwarding the document to them.


How to order a keepsake/heirloom item made from your dress


​1. Visit EveFoundation.org/shop to view our available keepsake options

     a.  Visit our Facebook page, click on Keepsake Album to view more of our work

2.  Place your order via our website

3.  Write your keepsake order number on your donation release form.  Or your intention to order a keepsake if you plan to order after we receive your donated dress.

4.  You will receive an automated email confirming your order

5.  Another email will be sent within 24 hours confirming your order

6.  Orders are completed within approximately 4 weeks after receipt of your donated dress.

     a. *If you ship your donation GiveBackBox, your package cannot be tracked

     b. You may also choose to place your keepsake order within 10 days of our receipt of your donated dress.

7. Once your order is complete, you’ll receive an email indicating completion and containing tracking information.

8.  Our keepsake program provides 90% of our funding.

$100 Donations/Orders

-A financial donation or order $100 or more will receive a complimentary locket made from the donor’s dress.  Our lockets are available with a plain rim or a rhinestone rim – donor’s choice.  


Help Us Continue to Accept Dress Donations

 For us to continue to accept your dress donations, please consider purchasing a keepsake or sending a monetary donation with your dress to help us with the cost of processing your dress. 

On average the cost to process one dress, minus cleaning expense, is $35. 

This includes storage facility fees, storage supplies, shipping to and from the seamstress, mics supplies for our seamstresses, and shipment of the angel gowns to the hospitals. 

Be sure to check your spam/junk folders for our email response.

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