Are you accepting wedding dress donations currently?


What are your dress requirements?


color, size, or age wedding dresses are accepted



Please read carefully

What other items do you accept?

  1. Prom, bridesmaid, mother of the bride/groom, evening, and flower girl dresses of any color size, or age.

  2. Tuxedos

  3. Christening/Baptismal gowns

  4. Materials such as fabric, lace, thread, buttons, etc.

  5. Gift cards to JoAnn Fabrics, Walmart, Michaels, Amazon

  6. Dual Purpose white or ivory sewing machine thread

  7. 2-gallon Ziploc freezer bags (to store dresses safely)

  8. Used or new sewing scissors, snips, and other sewing tools

  9. Buttons in any size, shape, and color

  10. Clear glass/plastic ball ornaments

  11. “I’ll hold you in Heaven” books

  12. White marabou boas

  13. 1” & 1 ½” heavy-duty safety pins

  14. Financial support

What items will you NOT accept?

  1. Petticoats

  2. Items with mold, mildew, dry rot, heavy odors, or heavy staining

Does my dress need to be dry cleaned before sending it to you?

  1.   If your dress is soiled, please consider sending a financial donation to assist us with cleaning costs. ($20 to $50 is sufficient.) Checks can be made payable to The Emma and Evan Foundation and sent with your dress donation.

Are you a 501c3 nonprofit?  May I have a donation receipt?

  1. Yes, we an IRS recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization

  2. Your donation receipt is the top portion of your donation release form.

Will you send pictures to me after the little gowns are finished?

  1. We will attempt to send you photos of the little gowns created from your donation. We cannot, however, guarantee it, as our organization is run by volunteers who work outside the home, raise families, and graciously volunteer their free time.

Will you send the little gowns back to me?

  1. Our bylaws prohibit us from returning completed angel gowns to donors. Upon request, we will gladly send them to an in-need facility of your choice. You will need to ask if the facility will accept them and provide the Emma & Evan Foundation with a contact name, facility name, and mailing address.  We ask that you pay shipping charges.

How long until the little gowns from my donated dress are finished?

  1. At this point in time, donated dresses will not be sent to a seamstress for at least two years.

Is there an organization in my area?

  1. There are many, many angel gown organizations throughout the U.S.  We are all independent of each other, are not affiliated with each other, and do not have 'chapters'.  To donate locally, please conduct a Google search, “Gown Organizations near me”.

Are there other ways I can support the Emma and Evan Foundation?

Yes, you can support the Emma and Evan Foundation in various ways

  1. AmazonSmiles – choose “Eve Foundation” our parent Foundation

  2. Monthly or one-time donation HERE

  3. Financial donations

    1. PayPal –

    2. Check made payable to The Emma and Evan Foundation

How can I sponsor a memory box?

  1. Memory box sponsorships can be one-time or monthly at $15

  2. You can sponsor a memory box HERE


How do I donate my dress to you?

  1. Contact Us below to request our mailing address and your donation release form

    1. This form MUST accompany your dress donation.  Dresses received without this form will be considered anonymously donated and will not be tracked with your name.  


  1. Purchase your $15 UPS mailing label - link will be sent via email.

    1. Add to cart

    2. Submit payment

    3. You will receive an email containing the link to print your label

    4. Print your label and affix it to your package

    5. Drop off your package at your nearest UPS store.

      1. You can also utilize the post office (USPS) and ship your donation by weight or in a flat rate box

  2. Do’s and Don’ts for packing

    1. Do not

      1. Add tissue paper, packing peanuts, or other packing materials to your box

      2. Forget to add your Donation Release form and SASE for your donation receipt

      3. Send your package ‘signature required’

    2. Do

      1. Remove your dress from its preservation box

      2. Remove the tulle (puffy underneath) if your dress is more than 15 years old



Why do you ask for a suggested donation of $35 to help to process my donated dress?

  1. On average the cost to process one dress, minus cleaning expense, is roughly $35. 

    1. This includes storage facility fees, storage supplies, shipping to and from the seamstress, misc. supplies for our seamstresses, and shipment of the angel gowns to the hospitals.

What if I make a financial donation of $100?

  1. All dress donations accompanied by a monetary donation of $100 or more will receive a complimentary keepsake locket (normally $25) made from your donated dress.

I would like a keepsake made from my dress; how can I do that?

  1. You can purchase a keepsake/heirloom item crafted from your own wedding dress

    1. Visit to view our available options and place an order

    2. Include a copy of your order with your dress donation

    3. Keepsake items are made within 3-4 weeks of receipt of your donated dress

    4. Keepsake items are made from YOUR wedding dress unless otherwise requested

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