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Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Seamstress With Us!

Families without access to Angel Gowns, clothe their stillborn infants in a T-shirt or wrap them in a blanket.  These precious little souls deserve much better than that.  This child will not experience baptism, prom, communion, or a wedding.  Therefore, this child should be adorned with a beautiful garment to help celebrate these events that this child will not experience. It’s important for the family to bury their child in something beautiful. To a grieving family, knowing that someone (our seamstresses) cared enough to create something special for them brings comfort.

With over 2,000 dresses in inventory, we need you!  If you are at least a moderately skilled seamstress and feel the calling to help grieving families, we would like to hear from you.

Seamstresses: Who We Are

Donated wedding dresses are transformed into Angel Gowns, pouches, NICU Graduation sets, layette sets that are then sent to grieving families around the United States.  As a volunteer seamstress for the Emma & Evan Foundation, you are providing comfort and hope to grieving families...  We provide the patterns and instructions, you add love & compassion.

We have seamstresses from all over the US helping with this program.  They volunteer their precious time to create beautiful little gowns from donated wedding dresses. It's hard work, but such a wonderful way to pay your blessings forward.

Seamstresses: Who We Are
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This Calling is not for everyone.  Here are some Guidelines we require:

Volunteer Seamstresses must...

-Have moderate to advanced sewing skills

-Be creative

-Be emotionally objective to view Angel Gowns as hope & comfort for grieving families

-Have the ability and time to transform wedding dress fabric into angel gowns/pouches, NICU graduation or layette sets within a 3–6-month time period

-Provide physical & mailing addresses and phone number(s)

-Be responsive in communicating difficulties in meeting the 3–6-month time frame

-Must agree to seamstress agreement and provide own materials for first 2 trial gowns

-Live in the United States

-Have a Facebook account as we share important announcements and information on our Facebook volunteer page.

Seamstresses: Who We Are


This inquiry page is exclusively for seamstresses/volunteers.  

Seamstresses: Job Application
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