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After the realization that my daughters weren't interested in wearing my wedding dress on their magical days, God placed it on my heart to look for a way I could donate it to bless someone.

While scrolling through Facebook one day, I saw a page that sealed the fate of my wedding dress.  On the page, I read of women who had donated their wedding dresses to be repurposed into infant burial gowns. In my research, I see that this available in Montana. This inspired me to take the scissors and seam ripper to my own wedding dress.  In honor of my mom who was a remarkable seamstress and to honor two dear friends who lost babies...... this non-profit was created.  Since my decision, many women have come forward to donate their dresses to bless grieving families.

Being a recent born again Christian, I quickly recognized how God was using the Angel Gown program to not only love on families going through a horrific time losing a baby, but also how God was ministering to those donating the wedding dresses.  There is a spiritual connection between brides and their wedding dresses.  I have received an outpouring of women who not only want to donate their dresses, but they also want and need to share their stories.  Some share stories of happiness and remembrance and some share stories that are difficult to listen to because of abuse and pain.  But the healing I've witnessed through women donating dresses is amazing. Sometimes, dress donors turn into volunteers.

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